At the dawn of the 21st century, the information technology revolution is a new enlightened addition to our lives. With the Atlantic Ocean, Europe has further accelerated the path of communication technology in America. Today, information can be exchanged in the blink of an eye from one end of the earth to the other. telecommunication engineering

When people invented the telephone, it was a surprise. But now we don’t just talk, we exchange audio, video, text, graphics, images, animations. Rather, the main goal now is how, how quickly and accurately one can exchange this information. For this, all the interesting electronic and telecommunication projects are being made with new micro devices. As a result, the study of telecommunication has become important and necessary for everyone.

Today, many large telecommunication companies have sprung up in different parts of the world, such as T&T, Verion, German Telecom, China Mobile, Orange, Bodafone, Telenor, World Tel, etc. Different types of devices are needed to gain hands-on knowledge on this subject. These include web propagation trainer, spectrum analyzer, oscilloscope, communication trainer, fiber optic trainer, digital signal processing trainer, network trainer system, mobile communication trainer, micro-processor kit, VLSI design kit.

In the continuity of the era, our Bangladesh is not lagging behind in keeping pace with the world. Big telecommunication companies have been formed in our country. Among them are Teletalk Bangladesh, Grameen Phone, Airtel Bangladesh, Robi, Citycell, Banglalink etc. as well as BTCL, Mir Telecom, ADN, Metronet, Rangsktel, Bangladesh Sub-Marine Cable Company, Anik Telecom etc. Besides, various subconscious and vendors of the country as well as ICX, IIG, IGW, ISP, Banglalion, QB are running at the same pace.

These institutions have created an acceptable position for the people of this country. At present, it has become a goal for the students of this country to work in these companies. And to realize this dream, there is no alternative to studying telecommunications. Almost all the universities in our country have graduation and post graduation departments in this regard. Of special note is the establishment of the first Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Department in Bangladesh at Daffodil International University.

At present, the students who have passed from the Department of Telecommunication are working in engineering positions in various big companies at home and abroad. He is also moving to UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy etc. for research and higher education with scholarships in foreign universities.

21st Century Digital Bangladesh will be a telecommunication and IT dependent country. In a country with a larger population like ours, there will be a need for adequate telecommunication engineers to provide information services to all, who will implement the vision of the present government “Digital Bangladesh” with their skills. In continuation of this, it can be said that at present it is very important to study and build a career in telecommunication.

By techbuz