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What is Data Communication?

Data communication or exchange of data from one computer to another computer or from one device to another device such as mobile, smartphone, personal digital assistant GPS navigator, etc. is called data communication or data transfer.

Data transfer is directly connected to the computer at any one stage. Computers and data transmission systems are the main components of modern data communication. A computer is called a data processing device and the process by which processed data reaches from one end to the other is the transmission system. [FINGER PRINT DEVICE]

What is bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the amount of data that is transferred through a channel at a given time.
Data communication speed can be divided into three parts based on data transfer speed. Namely- (1) narrow band, (2) voice band, and (3) broadband.

Narrowband: This data transmission is usually 45 to 300 bits per second (bps). In the case of slow data transmission such as telephone, the use of this band is seen to be excessive. In the case of telephones, this narrowband provides a frequency of 300-400 Hz.

Voice band: Its speed is usually up to 9600bps. Voice bands are most commonly used on telephone lines where the frequency of data transfer is 200-3600 Hz. Voice bands are used to transfer data from computer to printer or card reader to computer.

Broadband: Mainly used in the high-speed data transfer process. These speeds are more than 1 Mbps so they have the ability to carry more data. Broadband digital subscriber lines, radio links, optical fiber, microwaves, and satellite communications are used.

Describe the Characteristics of Synchronous and Asynchronous Transmissions?

Synchronous transmission is the process by which data is first stored on the primary storage device of the transmitter station and then the data carriers are divided into blocks or packets and transmitted one block at a time. The characteristics of asynchronous transmission are as follows-

Advantages of synchronous transmission(Application of Asynchronous Transmission): Its speed is much faster as there is no start and stops a bit and it is continuous. There is no need for a start bit at the beginning and end of each character, so there is no need for a time interval after each character.
Its efficiency is higher than asynchronous transmission. It takes less time. [HUAWEI 6G TECHNOLOGY]

Advantages of synchronous transmission (Disadvantages of Synchronous Transmission): The sender station requires a primary storage device with the sender. It is relatively expensive.

Use of synchronous transmission(Application of Synchronous Transmission): Synchronous transmission is used to transmit data from computer to computer. The method is used to transfer data from one place to a remote place. It is a widely used method of data transmission from one computer to many computers at the same time.

Asynchronous transmission: The method by which data is transmitted from the sender computer to the character computer is called asynchronous transmission. It does not require any primary storage device from the sender. The features of an asynchronous transmission are basically a combination of its advantages-disadvantages and uses.

Advantages of asynchronous transmission (Advantages of Asynchronous Transmission): In an environment that requires little data transfer, such as the Internet, this method is more useful. This allows the sender to send and receive data at any time. The sender does not require a primary storage device. Installation costs are extremely low.

Difficulty with asynchronous transmission (Disadvantages of Asynchronous Transmission): Each letter is accompanied by a start bit and a stop bit. It is less efficient than synchronous transmission as it uses extra bits. The speed of data transmission is low. The data transfer is left unused during the shutdown.

Use of asynchronous transmission (Application Asynchronous Transmission): This method is used to transfer data from computer to printer. This method is used to transfer data from the keyboard to the computer. This method is used to transfer data from punch card reader to computer and from computer to card puncher.

What is data communication media? Write the names of different types of media?

The medium used when a computer is connected to another computer on the other side is called data communication media. Notable among the most widely used media are:

  • Cable on wire
  • Radio wave
  • Satellite
  • Microwave
  • Infrared

What is a computer network? What are the requirements of a computer network?

A computer network is a group of interconnected computers and related devices that can easily exchange information and share resources among themselves. In a computer network, the processing part of all the computers in the network is integrated into one processing part. Networks are mainly used for information exchange, hardware and software resource sharing. Of the computer network, The requirements are as follows-

  • It is possible to exchange information, message, and manage through the computer.
  • The computer network is required for hardware and software resource sharing.
  • Computer networks are important to ensure the smooth storage of information.
  • Computer networks are used to protect the information collected.

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