Food, clothing, shelter, education, and treatment; If a sixth basic need is added to these five basic human needs, then there must be “communication technology”; I don’t know if you will agree with me, but if you close your eyes and think for a minute, you will say yes, of course. And for those who are having a hard time accepting it, the question is: Tell me, four / five years ago, what was written next to the telephone number in the job application form? [ELECTRICAL TOOL & EQUIPMENT]

What! Can’t remember? Then find out the answer; It was written: “If there is”. And today? You will not find a single application that is accepted without a telephone number. In fact, we all understand very well, the importance of this communication technology. And the journey that will start with today’s tutorial will be the goal and purpose, to see this communication technology from a little inside.

Today we will look at the architecture of the mobile phone or cellphone which we all know as a mobile phone. And in the next steps, there will be more details. First of all, when you are calling the person next to you, don’t think that your phone call will reach him very quickly because you are very close to him. Or the call is going directly from your mobile to his mobile.

What actually happens is: your call goes from MS (Mobile Station; your mobile phone) to BTS (Base Transceiver Station or RBS: Radio Base Station which we know as Mobile Tower), BSC (Base Station Controller), and MSC (Mobile Switching Center). In addition to this, several other processes have to be completed in a very short time. In the figure below, this architecture is shown:

Below is a flow chart of the operations or processes that are completed in a very short time with your words inside your mobile phone:

When the words of our mouth are in the air, it is basically a mechanical wave. Mobile’s Microphone converts it into Electrical Wave. This is because the mobile phone is an Electronic Device, which can only work with Electrical signals. After a number of processes have been completed, an important process is to modulate several features of this Electrical Signal through modulation, such as Frequency or High-Frequency Signal. This is converted.

It is then amplified and amplified, that is, it is amplified and converted into an electromagnetic signal or released into the air with the help of an antenna (a small antenna inside a mobile phone; in older model sets that were protruding upwards). . Remember, these electromagnetic waves do not need air to travel. Rather it moves at the fastest speed through zero. Which is equal to the speed of light (one hundred and eighty-six thousand miles per second). [TELECOMMUNICATION ENGINEERING BASICS]

By techbuz