Two types of tools are used in electrical work. We have tried to let you know the names and functions of each tool, including names and pictures. We hope you find them useful.

1. Hand tools
2. Power tools

What are hand tools?

Answer: The tools that work with the help of hands are called hand tools.

What are power tools?

Answer: The tools that work with the help of electricity are called power tools.

Now we will get acquainted with 10 common hand tools and equipment.

  1. Combination Pliers:

Combination pliers are used to hold and tightening something

2. Neon tester:

Neon testers are used to determine the presence of electricity

3. Long nose pliers:

4. Bend Nose Pliers:

Bend Nose Pliers used to insulate wires, to cut and bend anything.

5. Adjustable Range:

The adjustable range is used to open or fasten nuts and bolts

6. Cutting pliers:

Cutting pliers are used for wire insulation and wire cutting.

7. Flat screwdriver:

The flat screw diver is used to open and fasten the flat screw.

8. Ballpin hammer:

A ball pin hammer is used to beat something hard and to put rivets on the wall.

9. Hacks frame blade:

Hack’s frame blades are used to cut hard objects with frames and blades.

10. Wire strippers:

Wire strippers are used to cutting wire insulation.

This time we will get acquainted with Electrical Power Tools-

  1. Soldering iron:

Soldering iron is used to connect or weld components to circuit boards.

2. Electric hand drill machine:

Electric hand drills are used to drill holes in anything.

This was the introduction to today’s electrical tools. If you find it useful, don’t forget to share.

By techbuz