New technology in Samsung and Snapdragon phones, New iSIM coming.

We are slowly entering the world of e-SIM from Nano SIM cards. But now there is another surprising news, a new type of technology is going to replace the e-SIM. This new advanced technology will make the phone even more compact and offer better power efficiency. Qualcomm has announced that this new technology called iSIM will be seen in their future Snapdragon chips.

Last year, Qualcomm demonstrated the use of iSIM using a modified version of the Samsung Galaxy G Flip 3. This year the company brought its iSIM version on its Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset which has already received GSMA certification. Also, this SIM will get the same level of security as the ISIM, which will put an end to any security questions of the ISIM.

This iSIM is about 100 times smaller than nano SIM and much more power-efficient. The iSIM is less than a square millimeter in size and is housed inside the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. The advantage is that this new type of SIM eliminates the need to use any kind of SIM card slot.

And the phone will not need this extra space which can be used to provide a good speaker or vibration motor. Besides, this technology will provide additional protection to the phone from dust and water.

Qualcomm also says that iSIM is more power-efficient than eSIM or nano SIM cards. Qualcomm and Thales have demonstrated how iSIM can be used using modified versions of Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processors. By 2030, 300 million phones are expected to have iSIM, most of which will be in Samsung’s Galaxy lineup.

In this competition of Isim, e-SIM, and Nano SIM, Isim has a lot of chances to win. As Qualcomm is one of the largest chip manufacturers, their decision could make a huge difference in the use of this new technology.

By Nogor24