Everyone has heard the name. Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Electrical and electronic engineering. Which deals with electrons. The name gives a light idea of the subject. Going straight to the subject review.

EEE is one of the oldest and most popular engineering disciplines. Seeing the revolution of electronics in the vicinity, surely the importance or demand of the students of this subject should not be exaggerated? If the world is useless without electricity, so is EEE. If there is no electrical engineer, who will provide electricity?

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What was your favorite subject in HSC? If the answer is Math or Physics then you have no fear of reading EEE. You can definitely adapt here very easily. If you enjoy solving equations, if you don’t find the electricity chapters in physics second paper unbearable, then EEE will never disappoint you. Is it fun to deal with the circuit? Parallel insertion of resistor, whitstone cursive like to do the math? I will say again, take EEE.

If you have the ability to be innovative, and have the desire to stick, you can do a lot of great things by reading EEE. Electrical and electronic engineering is the most striking place to show engineering invention. As it seems, EEE is not really a subject of such a small range. Its scope is wide, the field is infinite.

Notice the sub-disciplines of EEE-
7.Signal Processing
8. Power Systems Engineering (including renewable energy)
9. Nanotechnology
10. Biomedical Imaging
11.Embedded Systems
12. Control


It seems that everyone has understood the issue of power sector. Who are in charge of power generation and supply. The demand for this sector is huge at the moment in the context of Bangladesh. New power plants are being built every year to meet the demand. The government is also planning to set up a nuclear power plant in the future at a high level. And the entire responsibility of this sector is in the hands of electrical engineers. Those who want to see themselves as a power management engineer, they can take EEE without hesitation.


Everyone knows something light thin with electronics. Resistor, Capacitor, Inductor are the names you have heard. Most of the devices you see these days are designed with integrated circuits. Smartphones, iPads, Notepads, laptops are all contributions of electronics. The name Microcontroller may have been heard by some. For those who have a great desire to study robotics, microcontroller is just the beginning. But yes, if you want to go this way, you must be hardworking and energetic. The door to EEE is always open for those who are more innovative, have a greater desire to study this rapidly running topic.


Telecommunication, dealing with communication. The mobile phone company had a huge demand for EEE engineers in the middle years. In a country like ours, a large number of EEE engineers are responsible for the management of the entire system, including the creation of new networks, towers, coverage. Only one Grameenphone has about 9,000 engineers working on it now, most of them with electrical and electronics backgrounds. The more new technology comes, the more demand will expand. For those who want to see themselves as an established Telecommunication Engineer, EEE is a must.


Computer is a thing that cannot be separated from anything. There are also many examples of people who have become software engineers after graduating from EEE. If you understand programming well, have a good grasp of computer, you can easily divert to CSE side even after reading EEE. Whoever suits Archie !!! The idea that you can’t be a programmer or make software is completely wrong. If you want to deal with electronics as well as software, you can easily take EEE. Lots of opportunities here.

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