Top 5 Cool Computer Tips & Tricks

How cool would it be to become a top-tier whiz at computers? You could create entire videos without needing a camera, hack into any database on the planet, solve the most complicated equations and formulas in a few keystrokes…

Ok, so you won’t get that good. But knowing some wicked hacks for computers is essential to getting the most out of your computer. But what are some of these hacks?

Well, funny you should ask. We’re here to give you 5 cool computer tricks for getting even more use out of your PC! But enough preamble, right? Let’s hop right into it!

Take A Snapshot

Worn out on utilizing your telephone each time you need to send a screen capture of your PC to somebody? Indeed, at that point, you can utilize the screen capture work on your PC to catch the picture with no quality misfortune!

In case you’re utilizing a Mac, you should simply squeeze Shift, Command, and the 3 key simultaneously and you’re brilliant (trade the 3 for a 4 in the event that you just need a specific part of the screen).

For Windows, utilize the Print Scrn (print screen) catch to catch the picture and afterward press that with the Windows key to save the picture. On the off chance that you just need one window, change to the alt key in addition to the print screen key.

Rewinding Time

Anytime you want to undo an action you took on your computer, hitting Control plus the Z key should revert things to normal. And if you want to get back what you reversed, use Control + Y.

If you want to get back a web tab you deleted on accident, using Control + Shift + the T key will do the trick (swap Control for the Command key if on Mac).

It’s Merging Time

Let’s say you find the need to do a PDF merge. For Mac, open the first PDF in Preview and make sure you can see the thumbnails. Pick the thumbnail you want to precede the second document and then go to the edit tab.

From there, hit insert, then a page from a file, and then open on the second PDF to throw it in there. Make sure to save the fused document by clicking export as PDF before you close the application. However, if you’ve got a Windows computer, you’ll need an external application like PDFsam to do this.

Close the Gates

Need to lock your computer in a pinch? Well for Windows you’ll want to hit Windows and L, while Mac requires Command + Option + Eject.

Monitor What’s Happening

If your computer is slowing down or the fan’s working overtime, slow down and check your Activity Monitor on Mac (accessed by going into Applications, then the utility folder, and finding it) or Control, Shift, and Escape on a Windows for Task Manager.

From there, you can see what applications are eating up the most energy on your computer and shut them down as needed. This is useful for background applications you didn’t even know you had running at the time.
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