Desktop Purchasing Tips

Desktop Purchasing a home or business computer can be a big and sometimes costly decision. Below is a listing of helpful suggestions on what to look for and what to ask when purchasing a new computer.

New vs. refurbished or used Desktop

On the off chance that you are hoping to set aside cash purchasing a utilized or repaired PC can set aside your cash. A revamped PC is a PC that has been gotten back to the organization has been looked at as great yet can’t be sold again as new. All significant PC makers have a revamped area showing all their accessible renovated items. Getting one of these PCs rather than another PC can save you many dollars.

Notwithstanding repaired PCs, people and organizations for different reasons additionally sell their pre-owned PCs. When purchasing these posts for the accompanying. Confirm it has no actual harm by investigating the ports just as within and the outside of the case. Ensure you pay for what you are getting. See the trick segment beneath for extra subtleties.

Ensure PC accompanies any CDs for the working frameworks or projects that are guaranteed to be introduced. Understand that numerous PC makers won’t move the PC guarantee from the old client to you.

Mac vs. PC

The decision between buying a Macintosh and PC computer running Microsoft Windows is always a heated debate. See our Mac vs. PC. for a list of advantages and disadvantages of both of these systems if you’re still not decided.

What to look for When Purchasing a computer it is likely that you are going to have a general idea of what you may like in the computer or how you would like to configure the computer. Below is a listing of the various components likely to be found in a computer and recommendations and tips when considering any of the below components.

Desktop Case

The case or chassis is often overlooked when buying a new computer. Below are some things to think about regarding the case.

  • Do you want a desktop or tower case?
  • Will the case fit on top of or below your desk?
  • Will the drives be accessible or will they be positioned the way you want them to be positioned?
  • Does the case support the standards of motherboards, for example, the ATX motherboard standard? This is important if you want to upgrade the computer in the future.

CD media

Most newer computers today have an included disc burner in the computer. If you want to make CDs or DVDs make sure the computer supports it.

Standard CD-ROM buying tips
CD-R or CD-RW buying tips
DVD buying tips

Hard drive

The hard drive will be the destination of all your files and information. Make sure you get a hard drive with plenty of available space and runs at speeds that don’t slow the overall computer down.
Hard drive buying tips


Memory is one of the more important purchasing decisions on a computer. The more memory in the computer, the more efficient the computer is capable of running.
Memory buying tips


Depending on how you plan on connecting to the Internet the Modem may not be that important of a buying decision. Most users today are using broadband Internet, which does not require a modem. However, if this is not available in your area make sure your computer includes a modem.
Modem card buying tips

Network card

Almost all computers today have a network card or network option on the motherboard. The network card allows you to share files between computers in your home and connect to a broadband Internet connection.
Network card buying tips


The computer processor is and will always be one of the most important considerations when purchasing a computer. Today, with multiple CPU/Processor manufacturers, it may be more confusing as well as more cost-efficient to look at all options for computer processors.
CPU and processor buying tips

Sound card

Today, the standard sound cards that are included with a computer are sufficient for almost all computer users. However, if you plan on doing sound editing or mixing make sure to look at the sound card’s capabilities.
Sound card buying tips

Video card

For computer gaming, the video card has become one of the most important factors behind memory and processor. If you plan on gaming with your computer make sure your video card GPU and video memory meet the requirements.
Video card buying tips

Brand of computer

There is no such thing as a computer manufacturer that has a perfect history with all its users. Therefore when it comes to recommending one brand over another it would be impossible for us to say who’s better than the other. Instead, we’d suggest relying on the below considerations.

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