Mind Before Buying a Computer

Many of you know what to write about today if you want to compare the things that you should keep in mind before buying a computer, but the paste is mainly for those who are still in a lot of trouble before buying a computer. Those who are thinking of buying a desktop have to buy different computer hardware.


For example:
1. Monitor
2. Motherboard
3. Processor
5. RAM
6. Power supply
7. DVD Writer / Optical Drive
9. Hard disk
10. Keyboard
11. Mouse etc.

The two things you should think about before buying these are-

1. Price and
2. Quality product

With the model of the quality product that you will buy, you can find out from the internet what is its current market price? And if you want to get good listening quality, you have to buy good brand hardware. For example: Intel for processors, AMD processors are quite popular in the market.

Whether the quality is really good or not, your computer will prove that when you buy a processor based on the performance of the computer, keep in mind the clock speed of the processor? The speed of the processor depends on the speed of 6K. When you buy RAM again, you will see what is the memory size? 2 GB or 4 GB? Another thing to note is the size of the cache memory? Processor, RAM, cache memory will depend on the combination of the speed and performance of your computer.

Now let’s find out about cache memory location = Cache memory is basically located between CPU and main memory or RAM and controls the deep compatibility of computer work. So the importance of cache memory is enough. So before you buy your computer, you must give it to him.

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