What Are the Main Hardware of a Computer

What is the main hardware of a computer? Computers are now our constant companions. We have a computer with us all the time. Today we will learn about the major hardware part of this computer.

The hardware that makes up a computer are listed below:

CPU: CPU is one of the main hardware of the computer. If we think with humans, the CPU is like the human brain. All thoughts and ideas This happens in the CPU part.

The full name of the CPU is – Central Processing Unit. It is also called a processor or microprocessor. The CPU is divided into two parts- 1. Arithmetic / Logic Unit 2. Control Unit.

Memory: The number of people who do not recognize memory is very low We use memory on mobile I store audio songs, video songs, pictures, texts, documents, etc. in my memory. Computers also use similar memory. The memory that we use in the computer can be divided into two parts- 1. Autonomous memory 2. Temporary memory. Permanent memory is a hard disk (Hard disk), ROM (ROM), floppy disk, etc.

RAM: Temporary memory is RAM (RAM- Random Access Memory). When we open any software, it is basically temporarily blocked When I save it, it is stored on the hard disk.  Input / Output Device (I / o device): Mouse, keyboard, monitor, speaker are all input and output devices.

The input device is used to instruct the CPU to do something. For example, to get some output from mouse and keyboard computer, we have to use the output device. Such as monitor stickers, printers, etc.

MotherBoard: Motherboard CPU / Processor, Memory, Input / Output Device, etc. are connected to Motherboard or Mainboard. It is connected to some bus (BUS) or all other hardware.

By techbuz