Best 7 Tips and Tricks of Computer Mouse

Today we will learn about some of the best computer mouse tips and tricks that will help you to use a computer mouse correctly and completely.

More or less everyone knows about keyboard shortcuts and tips, but many of us don’t know that computer mouse also has some special tricks.

This means that we can do more with the mouse than just open and close something using the left and right mouse buttons.

Many computer users do not know that. And that will really make you more productive when it comes to working on the computer.

So let’s find out below what are those computer mouse tips and tricks? Which we should all know.

Mouse double and triple Click

Usually, when we want to copy or highlight a word, we can click or hold the left button of the mouse, move the mouse pointer down or up and highlight as much text as we want.

However, you can do this faster, such as if you want to highlight a word or word, double-click on it, and triple to highlight the entire sentence.

Shift key and mouse left button

As we learned above, we can easily highlight specific words or whole paragraphs by double and triple-clicking.

Another easy and quick way to highlight a text like this is to select the part of the text you want to copy from-

First left-click the mouse there then press and hold Shift first as far or as far as you want to highlight, click the left mouse button to see how beautifully the text will be highlighted as far as you want.

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Ctrl key and mouse left button

The third computer mouse tip or trick on our list is the use of the mouse left button with the control button.

If you want to copy some files or folders from many folders or files (any type of file)-

First, press and hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click on the files or folders you want to copy or highlight.

You will see that only those files or folders are being selected and highlighted. That means you don’t have to copy files one by one.

You can copy or do whatever you want by selecting the files or folders you need by clicking on them.

Mouse side buttons

Most mice today, especially gaming mice, have two buttons on the side or side that can perform a variety of functions.

But by default, you can go to the front or back page of any web browser and file explorer with these two buttons.

But you can also set these two buttons for other tasks or programs from the mouse control’s settings.

So if you have a mouse like this, you must set these two buttons for your own program.

Manage window with a mouse click

To minimize or minimize any window that is opened or opened on the computer, you can make Windows Small and Maximize by double-clicking on the top or title bar of Windows without clicking on the Maximize icon on the right side of Windows.

You can also close an open window by double-clicking on the small icon to the left of that window.

Multiple-use of mouse scroll wheels button

We all know that the mouse scroll button is used to move up or down a page.

But this is not the only thing that can be done with the mouse scroll button. You can do more than just scroll up and down the page. For example, in addition to scrolling the scroll button, you can press and click which acts as the 3rd mouse button.

And if you click a link on a web page with a scroll button, that link will open as a new tab.

This means that you will be on the same page but the specific link will open in a new tab next to it which is very useful at times.

To zoom in and out of any image, web page, or document, you can press and hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard, scroll up, zoom out and scroll down to zoom out.

You can also automatically scroll up or down a web page if you move the mouse down or up after clicking the mouse scroll button.

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If left mouse button 2 note working

A lot of the time the mouse gets old or the left mouse button works as a result of overuse or it works only if you press it too hard.

And then we usually change the mouse or even if there are many problems, we continue to use that mouse.

However, here I am giving you computer mouse tips that can do the job of the left button of the mouse, even if it is bad. That means you can do all the work with the left mouse button.

And that is to go into the settings of your mouse and from there turn the function of the left mouse button to the right button.

And do the function of the right button on the left button. Because the left mouse button is used more, it is worse.

But you can see that the right mouse button is just right so you can change the function of the button.

Then it will be a problem to use a little at first, but the mouse will go away effortlessly for several more days.


By techbuz