Top 22 Computer Tips Tricks

There are very few people who know about computers in this age of technology. Whether you work with a computer or not is a different matter. Today’s article is just for those who work with computers. Today’s blog is packed with computer tips and tricks. Let’s get started then-

Computer Tips & Tricks – 01

To recover stowed away records on a pen drive/memory card, go to the inquiry choice “.” Just sort dab and search. All documents will be reestablished.

Computer Tips & Tricks – 02

Enter GO “RUN” – tree.
Enter GO “RUN” – prefetch. (A new window will appear. Delete all folders and files.
Enter GO “RUN” – temp. Now delete the temporary files.
Enter GO “RUN” -% temp%. Now delete the temporary files.
Right-click on each drive, then click Properties, then Disk Cleanup. Hopefully, your computer will speed up a lot. More effective for older computers.

Computer Tips & Tricks – 03

On the off chance that the speed is not exactly the quality of work of the computer processor.

  • Assuming you accomplish more work than computer RAM. Your computer RAM sum is less yet you began a couple of enormous programs.
  • Then, at that point, it should be.
  • On the off chance that the association of the computer hard plate and the association of the processor isn’t right, a similar issue might happen over and over
  • On the off chance that it hangs over and over, check the cooling fan to check whether it is speeding.
  • On the off chance that there is a Bad area on a hard plate or some other equipment mistake.
  • Assuming there is a mistake in the working framework, it implies that a framework record is erased. Which can create some issues with the computer.

Computer hangs can as a rule be brought about by an infection.
To this end, computers hang more. What’s more this infection closes down the working of certain documents of the working framework because of which the computer regularly hangs. Utilize extremely great antivirus on the computer.

When playing a game with high designs, the RAM is completely stacked and it is plausible to hang.
In the event that the computer documents are organized haphazardly, there is plausible of it hanging. Press revive and go running and press tree.

Computer Tips & Tricks  – 04

Accepting you don’t see the picture on the screen – Confirm that the screen is on. What’s more, check the magnificence control, and check whether it’s set precisely. In reality, take a gander at all of the relationships of the screen and mind the remote possibility that the flood protector and flood safeguard are turned on.

Computer Tips & Tricks  – 05

After some time, click on Run from Start, type tree, and click OK. This increases the efficiency of RAM.

Computer Tips & Tricks  – 06

Open Task Manager by squeezing Ctrl + Alt + Delete or right-tapping on the taskbar. Then, at that point, click on Processes. You will see a rundown of many programs. Select the programs that are not right now working and snap End Process to close them. In the event that you coincidentally shut down a program and have a working framework issue, restart the computer.

Computer Tips & Tricks – 07

Defragment and clean up your hard drive once a week.
(1. click start – all programs – accessories – system utility – Defragment drive utility.
2. click start – all programs – accessories – disk cleanup)

Computer Tips & Tricks – 08

What to do when the PC is turned on in secured mode?

Accepting the Windows working framework can’t be started consistently, it is by and large expected started in secured mode Safe Mode is a remarkable domain of Windows when it is stacked with the crucial records and drivers It can be said that it is basic to make due in a state of ‘hazard’ with irrelevant composed elements When Windows starts in Safe Mode, it might be restarted to check whether it restarts usually.

Accepting you bomb over and over, you really want to grasp that the issue is critical This could be a direct result of a lack of huge Windows records or gear issues If Windows is at least a couple of times changed to trial mode on account of another hardware setting change, it is ideal to upset the previous settings.

Secured mode is in like manner called decisive mode consequently When Windows is started, press F8 to start Safe Mode from the menu that appears But as has been said already; This is indicative mode 7 Nothing extra, for instance, sound, printer, high concealing show, etc will work in this mode.

Computer Tips & Tricks – 09

Make two allotments on your hard circle and introduce on the second parcel generally huge programming projects (like PSP, Photoshop, 3DS Max, and so forth) For Windows, leave your C Drive as unfilled as conceivable so Windows can involve your C Drive as virtual memory when RAM is full.

Computer Tips & Tricks – 10

Do not open any application until your PC is fully booted.

Computer Tips & Tricks – 11

After closing any application, refresh your desktop by pressing F5, which will remove unused files from your PC’s RAM.

Computer Tips & Tricks – 12

Avoid using very large file-size images as desktop wallpaper.
Don’t put extra shortcuts on the desktop. Did you know that every shortcut used on the desktop uses up to 500 bytes of RAM?

Computer Tips & Tricks – 13

Empty the recycle bin on your desktop every day. (The files are not really deleted from your hard drive until you empty the recycle bin.)

Computer Tips & Tricks – 14

Regularly the PC dials back when the PC’s RAM is low. A few paces can be expanded by expanding the virtual memory. To do this, right-click on My Computer and go to properties-e. Presently click on advance and snap-on execution settings. Click on advance once more. Presently, when you click on change, another window will show up.

Compose your ideal size in Initial size and Maximum size, then, at that point, click on set and come out with alright. Notwithstanding, it is smarter to twofold the RAM of your PC in the underlying size and fourfold the RAM in the most extreme size.

Computer Tips & Tricks – 15

Also know some tips to keep the computer good

  • Every 1 or 2 months, open the computer, eliminate every one of the parts, and put another one.
  • Eliminate the ram and wipe with flimsy cotton and apply once more.
  • Place nothing weighty on the computer.
  • Close down the computer while resting around evening time.
  • UPS ought to be utilized to keep the computer from closing down when the power goes out.
  • Antivirus ought to be utilized to eliminate computer VIRUS.
  • Keep the computer in an all-around ventilated spot.
  • Erase screens, particularly LCD screens, one time each day.
  • Many additionally keep a different screen on the CPU while the computer is running, so the soil doesn’t enter. This causes more harm.
  • Set the picture as a backdrop, which gives solace to your eyes. The more modest the backdrop size, the better for your computer speed.
  • Routinely eliminate the ‘cooling fan’ and keep it clean.

Computer Tips & Tricks – 16

Expecting the speed of the computer is low, the computer ends up being slow. Computer speed can be extended a cycle by growing the virtual memory. To grow the virtual memory, in front of any and all individuals your mouse is on My computer and a while later right-click and go to properties. As of now click on Advance and snap-on execution settings.

Click on Advance again. As of now, when you click on change, another window will appear. Make your optimal size in its hidden size and most prominent size, click on set and come out with okay. Regardless, in the hidden size, it is more brilliant to twofold the size of the radar of your computer and on numerous occasions the size of the radar in the best size.

Computer Tips & Tricks – 17

While uninstalling any product go to that control board. Double-tap Add or Remove. Click Add/Remove windows parts. Uncheck the side of undesirable programs from the left half of the new window that will show up. Then, at that point, select Accessories and Utilities and snap-on Details. From the new window that shows up, uncheck the programs that don’t work for you. Presently click on the straightaway. The fruitful message really clicks on Finish.

Computer Tips & Tricks – 18

Each time you turn on the computer, there are different drive checking options, such as: – Checking Drive E:

Computer Tips & Tricks – 19

Press any key to cancel the solution
> Start run, type CMD, then press Enter.
> Then type CHKNTFS-space-drive letter (E 🙂 space backslash (/) x i.e. (chkntfs E: / X) and press Enter. Now restart the computer.

Computer Tips & Tricks – 20

Make an Invisible Folder Create a New Folder, when the New Folder text is chosen in blue, hold down Alt on the right half of the keyboard and press 0160, then, at that point, eliminate the finger from the Alt key and snap Enter. Presently see that an envelope without a name has been made. Presently go to Properties by right tapping the mouse button in the envelope without this name, then, at that point, click on customize> change symbol, then, at that point, select a clear symbol from the symbol window and snap alright. Presently see that you have made an imperceptible envelope.

Computer Tips & Tricks – 21

From time to time it is past any happy opportunity to SHOW START MENU or past an opportunity to open any page of LOCAL DISK which is especially disturbing. Follow the means under to discard this issue. In any case, click Run from the START MENU. Enter REGEDIT.EXE and snap OK. The REGISTRY EDITOR BOX will appear, starting there click on the HKEY_CURRENT_USER tab then starting there become CONTROL PANEL and snap DESKTOP.

Resulting to tapping on DESKTOP, twofold tap on MENUSHOWDELAY from BINARY DATA on the right side. To get the EDIT STRING BOX, click VALUE DATA “0” and snap OK. Then, restart the computer. You will see that your computer has been done faster than already and the LOCAL DISK page is putting resources into some chance to open.

Computer Tips & Tricks – 22

Turn on the computer with the help of the control center

We generally turn on the computer by pressing the power button on the CPU. Regardless, it isn’t unforeseen seen that accepting there is an issue with the power button, it is genuinely difficult to turn on the computer. If we wish, we can without a doubt turn on the computer with the help of a keyboard without crushing the power button of the CPU. To do this, first, enter the Bios by pressing the Del button on the keyboard when the computer is turned on. Then, select Power Management Setup and press Enter.

As of now select Power on my keyboard and press Enter. Select Password and press Enter. Enter the mysterious expression as a mysterious key and save (F10) to exit. By and by you can turn on the computer by crushing that mysterious expression key from the keyboard. This strategy applies to Gigabyte motherboards. This strategy is moreover open on other motherboards.

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