Computer Networking-
If a relationship can be created between one computer and another computer to bring data, then that relationship is called computer networking.

Kind of Computer Networking-
According to the type of network can be divided into 2 sides-

1. Wire network
2. Wireless network (e.g. router, BlueTooth, airport, etc.)

According to the structure of the network can be divided into 3 parts-

1. LAN – Local Area Network
2. MAN – Metropolitan Area Network
3. WAN – Wide Area Network

1. LAN: LAN network is the creation of a network between one or more computers in a given space. This network is usually built into a building.

2. MAN: If a computer network is created within a city, the type of network is called a Man Network (MAN). This type of network is usually created in more than one building in a city.

3. WAN: WAN is a type of telecommunications or computer network that is built over a long distance.

By techbuz