To become familiar with any profession or any ability as a profession, having the rudiments of that skill is vital. It is additionally essential to realize what course subjects exist in a profession, what should be realized, and what groupings we want to keep in control to learn them. Today we will become familiar with a portion of the nuts and bolts of the computer networking profession, InshaAllah. Knowing this, we desire to have an unmistakable thought of our motivation.

It is good to be clear about a few things before you start.

First of all, I will be clear about the answers to some questions, they are:

1. What is networking?
2. What is a network?
3. Why learn networking?
4. Is there any networking?
Also know, what is Vendor? And how important is Vendor in the networking profession?

Network: When at least two computers are associated with one another to share data or assets, we might allude to those associated computers as organizations. This can be an association utilizing a link or link that is designated “Wired Connection” in English or it tends to be a computer that is associated without a link, which we bring in English “Remote Connection”.

And networking is the process of establishing this connection.

The fundamental thought of why you ought to gain networking is to get away from the meaning of organization. We will master networking, to share data or assets (gadgets). How about we attempt to figure out the issues through a few functional models?

Suppose you have 100 colleagues in your office, one computer for each. You need to print something or another every day, assuming every person, you print 1 page a day. Feeling the need, the company wanted to give you a printer. Well now think, if everyone could afford the cheapest printer on the market, how much would it cost? If you want to allocate a printer worth Rs. Then the company is ready to sit on the road. Isn’t that so?

Well now if there is a way to meet the needs of all the computer users in the whole office with just 1 printer, then how is it? Surely that is a very efficient and very desirable advantage. And yes we can get this facility through networking.

Reconsider, the workplace you work in. Web offices are bad there. With all that there is, no significant work should be possible for a sluggish web framework without extremely essential work. So imagine a scenario in which you really want to download some product consistently. Or on the other hand, is there a need to trade documents between the workers of the organization? And still, after all that, this networking will deliver you once again from this issue. That implies you can do all the sharing work through networking. Furthermore, we don’t have the foggiest idea of who the web is. We know how much the Internet is doing with the advantages of data sharing. This is through networking.

It is to be hoped that the answer to question no. 4 has become clear to us from the above discussion.

Now we will know about the vendor:-

Vendor or vendor: The vendor is a device manufacturer. The companies that make the devices are called vendors. These devices can be servers, routers, switches, storage devices, network interface cards, etc. These vendor companies manufacture devices with a registration number from IEEE.

On account of networking gadgets, Vendor has many organizations. Outstanding networking merchants are Cisco, Juniper, MikroTik, Netgear, D-Link, and TP-Link. Every one of these seller organizations has its own networking course. Today we will examine Cisco’s courses. Of the many merchants like this, for what reason would we say we are quick to discuss Cisco’s sellers? The explanation is that Cisco’s merchants are sought after and assuming you learn about this seller, you will find benefits in different sellers also, as the prevalence of this seller is higher than different sellers. It is said that to be aware of the start and end of networking, Cisco’s Vendor is Better. Accomplish. Assuming that we are familiar with this merchant, we will actually want to work with different sellers too. It is even secure that other sellers’ position fliers express that Cisco Vendor is Preferable, implying that other merchant organizations likewise depend on Cisco. Also, that is the reason we will find out about Cisco’s Vendor courses first.

The logo above is the official logo of Cisco. If we get Cisco certification then we will see this logo there. We know some historical information before we learn any skill. The reason and purpose of knowing this are to stay clear about the basics. Since we are going to learn about Cisco’s course, we need to know some basic information about it. Which will have the benefit of our professional interview special.

Cisco Vendor was founded in December 1984, about 34 years ago today. That means Cisco’s journey isn’t much longer than other vendors. In such a short time Cisco has become a popular vendor company through its services. Its popularity is so high now that Cisco is now the top listed vendor company. Cisco Vendor, Ranking No. 1. And the distance between Cisco and the second ranking is so great that Cisco, which was created 5 years ago, made this company 6 years later. This explains why Cisco has become so popular. Cisco is headquartered in San Francisco, California, U.S. The two co-founded Cisco, Leonard Bosack, and Sandy Lerner. And the funny thing is, these two are husband and wife to each other again. This Cisco company was established to provide area-based network facilities. From there it has reached this stage today, gaining momentum. Now there is no sector where Cisco’s products are not available. For example, as many types of networking devices as there are, as many types network management devices as there are, their products are available in all sectors.

Cisco, let’s talk about this name now. Where does this name come from? We already know from the discussion above that Cisco was founded in the city of San Francisco, with the last five letters of the word ‘Francisco’ actually naming this cisco. And the cisco logo also has a history. This logo is a reflection of a bridge in the city of San Francisco. When the concept of this cisco came to the minds of the founders, they were standing on this bridge, the name of this bridge is Golden Gate Bridge. This is how cisco got its name and its logo.

Cisco Vendor realized after a while that they needed some skilled engineers to operate these devices. If they can make such skilled engineers run their devices very efficiently, they will need a less servicing warranty, in view of this realization, they think let’s design a course so that they can know about network devices as well as Cisco. The devices are also able to run smoothly. With this goal in mind, they first launched the course. They have separate courses for all the sectors of networking. Courses in each sector are also divided into three sections. These are Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) & Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE).

There are a total of five sectors in networking. These are Routing Switching, Data Center, Voice, Security, and Wireless. Each of these five sectors has the above three levels, CCNA, CCNP, and CCI. Of these five trucks, we will have in today’s discussion the CCNA part of the routing switching part. We will write this course, CCNA (R / S) like this. In this case, if someone just says CCNA, then it cannot be understood which CCNA of which truck. In that case, writing like this means the CCNA of routing switching. I hope the matter is clear.

CCNA (R / S) This truck is the general truck of networking. If you want to become a specialist in networking, you must first know about the general issues. In that case, this course is a very basic course of networking, after completing it you will get a clear idea about what is needed to stabilize the network, know about the basic configuration, and get an idea about the initial security of the devices that will be used. This CCNA course of routing switching will also benefit you if you want to go on other networking tracks. For example, you will go to the security truck, and work on the security of the router, now if you do not know about the router then how to work with its security? Suppose again, you will go to the wireless truck, then you have to know how to work with the wire first. Otherwise, how to work with wireless? That’s why I’m starting with the CCNA of routing switching. You can start the CCNP course of any truck by doing CCNA of routing-switching. However, in the case of security trucks, it is recommended to do CCNA of routing-switching and CCNA of CCNP again.


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