Today we will learn some important information about marketing and, in today’s article we will learn about “What is marketing in Bangla”, “What is marketing type”, “How to do marketing” and some important “marketing strategies”.

As such, marketing is a familiar word to everyone, something we’ve probably heard of today or tomorrow. However, when you hear the word marketing, what comes to your mind first?

I know you think like a normal person who doesn’t know what marketing is all about. They think that marketing means “the technique of selling a comb to a bald-headed man is called marketing”. Moreover, many people understand the meaning of marketing, the process of selling products or collecting sales. But remember, marketing means something completely different, and it’s important to know exactly what it is.

So, what is marketing? Who and what process is called marketing? Marketing is the process of promoting any brand, business, product, or service in the market and among the people and increasing their demand and value.

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In this process, a variety of marketing strategies are used. Starting from any small business, multinational companies also have to market their product, brand, or business. And, just through this marketing process, they can let people like us know about their brands, products, and services.

Moreover, without some effective “marketing strategies” at present, it is not possible for a business or brand to successfully market their business. So nowadays any business or company, in marketing their business, hires some marketing executives or marketing managers who have some special knowledge about marketing techniques.

What Is Marketing?

There are different definitions of marketing. However, the most important definition is that “marketing is a management process through which any goods or services are passed on to the customer in the form of a product within a concept”.

It is a business process where the needs and wants of the customers are found and they are satisfied with the products and services. Moreover, we can say in the way – the marketing process is a strategy through which the potential customers are interested in their products and services.

The most important part of marketing is the “process”. This whole process is connected or involved with different things. For example, researching, promoting, selling, and distributing products or services.

Example of marketing strategies, suppose you are thinking of creating a new smartphone. Now, there are so many good companies in the market whose mobiles, customers like a lot, why would people buy your mobile? This is where the research comes in, where you have to find out what the customer needs.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Now, after creating such a mobile, you have to do a promotion. Through various product promotion techniques, you need to take your mobile or product issue to the people.

Through promotion, your customers need to understand, “Why would they buy a mobile phone made by you?” Or “What good is a website if it simply” blends in “with everything else out there?” If your made mobile or any product is meeting the demand of the customer or they are making a profit, then they will definitely buy it. After all, after proper product promotion, your job will be to sell and distribute products. And this whole process can be called the marketing process. Hopefully, you understand what marketing is all about (about marketing in Bangla).

Difference between sales and marketing?

I told you about what marketing is. However, you also need to know what marketing is. However, marketing does not mean sales or selling products. This means branding, advertising, and promotion through various means online or offline, to promote the product to the public. The job of marketing is to let people know about that product. But, keep in mind that the result of this marketing process is the result of sales or product sales.

The purpose of marketing is to sell the product indirectly, although it means completely different. But, the terminology of sales is completely different. Sales mean the process by which you are working to sell a “product or service” directly to the customer. In this case, when you approach the customer, your objective will be to “convince the customer to buy your product.” However, marketing is the process where planning is done in the case of sales of products. So now you know the difference between sales and marketing.

Types of marketing

There are basically two types of marketing.

  • B2B – Business to business
  • B2C – Business to consumer 

1. Business to business marketing

Business-to-business (B2B) marketing is also called B-to-B marketing. It is a marketing process where transactions are made between traders. For example, suppose you are a manufacturing company and you are marketing your business to a wholesaler. Or, a transaction or promotion with a wholesaler business is taking place in a retail business. Remember, in this case, a business is doing some kind of transaction, promotion, or marketing to the general customer. Thus, the process of marketing a business with or close to another business is called “business to business” marketing.

2. Business to consumer marketing

In the case of B2C, we apply advertising, promotion, or other marketing strategies, directly targeting the consumer or customers. For example, suppose you want to market a pen. Now, if you take that pen and go out and promote it to the general public, it’s called B2C marketing. So, business to consumer is a marketing strategy where business is promoted by going to individual people. In this case, marketing is done using different processes online and offline.

How is marketing done?

Upstairs, I learned “what is marketing”. Now below we will know, “How to market” or what processes can be used to market products & services. This way we can market the product using 3 strategies or strategies.

  1. Traditional marketing 
  2. Digital marketing 
  3. Word of mouth 

Traditional marketing

In this case, marketing is done using some old and now somewhat outdated techniques. Newspapers, templates, banners, advertising on TV, advertising on radio, etc., some of the traditional (traditional) processes are being used as a process of this traditional marketing. Physical advertising is one of the most important parts of this process. However, at present, the use of these types of physical marketing processes is declining. Because, in this case, it is difficult to target the target customers.

Digital marketing

The process of online marketing through the internet is called “digital marketing”. Digital marketing is also called “online marketing” or “internet marketing”. Nowadays, this modern marketing strategy done through the internet is very popular and effective. With this, you can easily promote your product or services to the target customers sitting at home. Because the Internet is being used here, and billions of people are active on the Internet at any given time. Today any small or big companies or businesses are promoting their brands and products through this digital marketing.

Moreover, in the case of online marketing, you can promote or advertise within your budget. With this, you can promote any product, image, service, business, brand, blog, website, or video content, to the target audience sitting at home. However, there are different processes for online marketing through digital marketing or internet marketing.

Types of digital marketing

  • Social media marketing: In this case, the business is promoted through social media platforms.
  • Content marketing : Marketing is done by publishing online content (text / image / video).
  • Affiliate marketing: At present, the most popular way of online marketing is affiliate marketing. Here, products are marketed through bloggers, YouTubers, or freelancers for commission income.
  • Email marketing: Email marketing is the process of sending emails.
  • Paid advertisements: With the money of some popular online advertising companies such as “Google ads”, “Facebook ads” etc., paid marketing is done to the targeted audience.
  • SEO (search engine optimization): In the case of marketing without any money through various search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) on the Internet, an SEO strategy is required.

In addition to these, there are other types that are caught in the process of digital marketing.

Marketing strategies

Getting a Business to Succeed can be a daunting task if you don’t know some of the best marketing strategies. So, now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground, which is very important.

  1. The needs and requirements of the customer should be considered first. What is the benefit to the customer by using your product or service, it should be given to the first of all.
  2. Try to find out what the customer’s budget is. Then, keeping that in mind, explain to the consumer why the price of your product is much lower than why it is lower or if it is higher than why it is higher.
  3. If you can explain why your product or service is better than others, 80% of consumers will be more interested.
  4. 80% of consumers use a good brand of product or service. Because, they think, a good brand means good product and service. So, first of all, you have to create a good image of your business brand.
  5. Through online marketing or digital marketing, you can easily run ads by targeting the audience interested in any location or any subject. In this way, people sitting at home can also find out about your business or brand through the internet.
  6. By creating a social media profile in the name of business, through the internet and social media, you can stay connected with your audience or consumer. Moreover, in this way, you will continue to get their problems or suggestions about your products socially.

So, guys, I mentioned above some of my marketing strategies that you can use to improve your marketing strategies.

Our last word

So, friends, I hope you have found the answer to your question about marketing. The only way to be successful in marketing is to understand the meaning of marketing in a completely clear and accurate way. And, remember, marketing means sales, not sales. However, take a look at the marketing techniques I mentioned and try to understand them. Also, if you have any other questions or problems with marketing, please let me know in the comments below.

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