Sales are essential to the survival of the business, and sales are a prerequisite for any business. How to do sales? You need to know the ins and outs of marketing. Must be proficient in the matter.

Marketing is the interplay of some of the tasks that precede the production process, such as market research, from product production to delivery of goods or services to the customer, such as product development, leveling, packaging, warehousing, product delivery, presentation to the customer. Marketing.

Simply put, marketing is a way to sell a product or service. Because the ultimate goal of marketing is to create consideration in the buying decision of the buyer.

The more proficient he is in marketing, the more successful he is in business. He is so skilled that he can easily present any product or service to the customer.

Marketing is the process of finding the customer’s needs, researching where the gap is and presenting the product or service to the customer. Marketing is a subject that has no specific formula. There is more practical work than theory.

It focuses on the main topics of all subjects. A complex combination of history, economics, sociology, psychology, philosophy, mathematics, etc.

The question is who is the respected person who is the father of marketing? Let’s find out-

  1. Bill Gates
  2. Michael Collins
  3. Philip Cutler
  4. Henry Fowle

Which of the above could happen? The answer is number 3. Philip Cutler.

He first wrote a book on the principles of marketing and later on marketing management. That is why he is considered the father of marketing – he believed that marketing is an essential part of the economy and saw demand affected not only by price but also by advertising, promotion, sales force, direct mail, intermediary channels.

He has turned marketing into an industry. He is called the father of marketing for his significant contributions.

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